3 Ways to Influence Your Technology Solutions

Get the Right Technology Solutions To Grow Business

Technology solutions are always growing in numbers and it is incredibly difficult to implement them all. And by incredible, it is of course unfeasible so it is best to focus on what you need. There are many technology solutions that you can implement to fit your unique business standards. Here are some basic ways to influence your security, maintenance, and productivity.

technology solutionsHaving the right technology solutions for your business can be a positive influence on your work. Evaluating what you want to achieve is a great place to start when looking into the solutions you would like to implement. If you want to get better security, maintenance, or productivity out of your technology, there are a lot of ways to achieve those improvements.

All of these solutions can improve your business in many different ways. These are different areas of focus that can give you technology solutions for a variety of processes. Continue reading “3 Ways to Influence Your Technology Solutions” »

Lacerte On the Cloud for Late Filers

Filing Taxes Late on Cloud Based Lacerte

Tax season may be over, but there are still people filing taxes. As a professional, you’re happy to have your life back after tax season, but your job isn’t done. Using Lacerte on the cloud to handle your customer’s taxes will allow you much more flexibility with full-featured software on the go.


Better late than never is what they always say. It’s a great motto for those still filing their taxes. Though they were due last week, it is more important to file them late than not file at all. For those tax professionals who are ready to be done with long hours at the office can utilize the cloud to do work more flexibly.

Lacerte is a tax software by Intuit for tax and accounting firms with individual and business clients. The software is designed for professionals looking to complete more returns in less time. With Lacerte, you can seamlessly move data across your accounting and tax workflow and speed your preparation.

Cloud hosting your Lacerte software is great for your business and it is a great way to expand your IT resources. On the cloud, you get increased mobility, flexibility, productivity, and you can eliminate hardware limitations for your other devices or personal computers. Cloud hosting will make your software available on a Mac or apple and android device. Continue reading “Lacerte On the Cloud for Late Filers” »

Go Green With The Cloud This Earth Day

Using the Cloud for Green Energy

You already know the cloud is a great way to boost your productivity and give more power to your IT department. Did you know you are actually going green by utilizing cloud technology? The hardware that goes into cloud servers is designed to be energy efficient and environmentally friendly. See how you improve your carbon footprint by using the cloud.

Green CloudEarth Day is a great time to look at your impact on the environment. For businesses to be successful, they require a lot of resources. Those resources are converted into products, services, and even waste. One way that businesses can effectively lower their carbon footprint is by utilizing cloud technology.

Everything we do uses energy and creates some form of waste. Businesses require a lot of energy to run computers, printers, Internet, and servers. Technology uses a lot of energy and this costs the business and environment. Utilizing cloud services actually has a very positive effect on energy consumption. With better machines, you consume less and make a huge impact on the environment. Continue reading “Go Green With The Cloud This Earth Day” »

Box for Salesforce Integration Expands Your Cloud Environment

Box for Salesforce Integrates Your Cloud Software

It’s time to bridge the gap between your enterprise content in Box and your data in Salesforce. You can integrate your Box for Salesforce software on your cloud environment so you can effectively manage your team and data. Users who have Box and Salesforce on their cloud will be able to take full advantage of Box for Salesforce integration.

Box for SalesforceBox for Salesforce is a tool that enables Salesforce users to share, access and manage files within their Salesforce or Salesforce1 software. The software promotes collaboration and productivity on the cloud. Not only can your teamwork effectively together, they don’t have to be in the same room in order to collaborate. Here is an overview of the features of the software and how the cloud gives those features strength.

Box for Salesforce gives you many features that are preferred by thousands of businesses. These features are designed to increase collaboration and make your work run more smoothly. Here are some of the ways Box for Salesforce streamlines your process.

Why Does the Cloud Make Sense for Small Business?

The Importance of Getting A Small Business Cloud

Businesses all start small. But the smaller they start, the bigger they have to think and perform. Running a small business is no easy effort, and that business needs a lot of attention to grow. One of the biggest challenges in a small business is the allocation of resources and finding solutions that don’t require too much of them. The cloud gives you great access to resources and gets your business walking the path to growth.

Small BusinessIn business, everything is limited. In a small business, those limits are even more profound. Unless it’s perseverance and elbow grease, all your resources are in low supply. From low funds to a short staff, there are always tough decisions to be made about how you use your resources. Luckily, the cloud is a great place to focus on your resources and expand your business.

Since this is a crucial point for your business, it is important to start taking advantage of services to better compete and make an impact on the market. The cloud gives your business fast, scalable solutions that keep you from having to make expensive decisions. Your IT is an important part of how you stay connected with your business and your team. Unfortunately, it is also a very expensive form of communication. Continue reading “Why Does the Cloud Make Sense for Small Business?” »

Managed Service Provider (MSP) Effects on Your IT

A Look At Managed Service Providers (MSP) For Beginners

IT is ingrained in our businesses, communities, and the way we communicate with each other. This line of communication is important when running a business because it is what connects your operations, employees, and customers. MSP, or Managed Service Providers, are giving businesses of all sizes access to technology they could not have in the past.

MSPWhat is MSP? MSP is an IT solution specialist that you can hire for any number of IT services. These services can be used to implement new hardware, new software, maintenance, backups, disaster recovery, and really any IT related issue you may have. This is a broad view of MSP just to give you a general understanding of what they offer. The important point is what they offer your business.

What does your IT look like? For many small to medium sized businesses, resources are limited so often IT is a looming fear. Hardware carries a high price tag so the investment in IT systems can easily get pushed aside to worry about later. MSP is a great solution for IT because it lets other people worry about your technology while you focus on your business. Continue reading “Managed Service Provider (MSP) Effects on Your IT” »

T-HUB on the Cloud Integrates E-Commerce With QuickBooks

Use T-HUB To Bring Your Data Together

Running an e-commerce platform can be difficult without the right tools. There is a lot of work involved with keeping track of your records and managing your online sales. T-HUB is a great tool to integrate into your cloud server and make your management more effective.

T-HUBT-HUB is a great way to get your e-commerce integrated with QuickBooks and shipping services. It is designed to work with a wide variety of e-commerce platforms. T-HUB was made for multi-channel retailers from the ground up. With the software you can easily process orders from multiple channels on one screen or see them separately. You get a great amount of control with the ability to configure the settings on each channel separately.

Here are some of the benefits of T-HUB’s multi-channel controls:

The Benefits of Tax Software On The Cloud

It’s Tax Day: Advantage of Tax Software on the Cloud

Tax season is a busy time of year for us but tax professionals know it better than any of us. Today is Tax Day which means their work is nearly finished. For those professionals who hosted their tax software with Trapp Technology, they got to experience a lot of benefits that freed up their time and made them more productive.

Tax SoftwareThere are many reasons Tax professionals love our cloud hosting and why they come to us to host their tax software! We give them a service that is valuable to their business, clients, and their wallets. With your tax software hosted on the cloud, you get better, safer access to your information while giving yourself a more flexible schedule. Here are the benefits of hosting on the cloud and some testimonials from our happy clients.

Anytime, Anywhere Access: CPAs and Tax consultants love the freedom they get when they can access their software from anywhere at any time. Tax season is always a stressful time of year and the hours are long. With your tax software on the cloud, you can leave the office to get some fresh air, food, or even see your family without leaving your data behind at the desk. Being able to work from multiple locations is crucial during tax season because it gives you more flexibility when the pressure is on.

You can access your tax software from any device with an Internet connection. Having your information is also great because you don’t have to stress about taking the right files home with you. Instead, just login from your computer at home just like you would in the office and get the exact same up to date data.

Backups: Ever lose the data on your tax software? This could have happened in transit, or maybe your computer crashed and deleted everything. If you had a backup of your data, you were probably okay. But for those of you who didn’t, this is the worst thing that could happen. Maybe it has been a while since your last backup so all your files are out of date. Maybe you never had a backup at all and you have to start from scratch. Being on the cloud gives you nightly backups with 7-day rolling. Meaning that you can always recover your latest data or data up to a week back. These backups are automatic so you never have to worry about forgetting to backup your tax software.

24/7/365 support: Being on the Trapp Technology cloud gives you a whole team to support your IT. You always have a resource to make sure your tax software is running smoothly and can always be accessed by you and your team. Whenever you need support, you can always reach our support lines and get any issues with your cloud hosting fixed and running.

Lincoln Tax and Wealth Management: “Trapp Technology has been an invaluable resource to my growing CPA firm. The technology used allows us to work remotely without any loss of efficiency. Their tech support is also top notch!” – Jacob Lincoln

X-Tax CPA PLC: “I really appreciate the patience and efforts of your staff. They took extra care to make sure everything was set up and working properly.” – Marc Pricco

Sheridan Tax & Bookkeeping: “With 2 offices and working from home in the evenings, the stress level of having to transport files for QuickBooks and hope you were working on the right copy was very high. Now our Microsoft documents, tax software & QuickBooks files are all in one place no matter what office I am in. I highly recommend Trapp Technology for the ease of use, the friendly and quick staff, affordable pricing, and the peace of mind it has brought our company.” – Shannon Sheridan

Get your tax software hosted by Contacting Us and starting your 30-Day Trial!

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Residential Property Management Software for Your Cloud

Put Residential Property Management Software on the Cloud

The cloud has given businesses the opportunity to compete like never before. Not only is working on the cloud a convenient way to access your data, you get advanced, collaboration, security, and access from virtually any device. See how these benefits can be utilized by hosting your residential property management software.

Residential Property Management SoftwareProperty managers have turned to residential property management software to have a better handle over their accounting, document management, and automation. With residential property management software, you save time and give yourself more flexibility when managing your information. There is a lot of power behind using the cloud that gives you the speed to keep your work moving smoothly.

Remote Access:
When it comes to property management, one of the biggest benefits of hosting your residential property management software on the cloud is remote access. The ability to access your data from any Internet-enabled location gives you more flexibility when on the job. While there are many tasks that can be handled effectively from your office, there are still cases where having remote access is a great solution.

Your job site is your office and it’s time to treat it that way. You know the hassle of driving to and from and between apartment complexes or other residential property. You need to be able to get work done from anywhere and there is no reason to limit that to your desk. Use residential property management software to keep track of everything you need to do while actually doing it. This gives you more flexibility and the ability to respond to your residents more effectively. It is nice to know you can make a quick maintenance fix while on the property rather than finding out afterwards. Continue reading “Residential Property Management Software for Your Cloud” »

What If Your Internet Went Out for 11 Hours?

Avoid Costly Internet Downtime With Reliable Cloud Servers

What would happen to your business if it went down for 11 hours? Can you afford to lose an entire day of work? This is exactly what happened to thousands of people in the Seattle area on April, 9th 2015. Comcast is the major Internet Provider in the area and after some fiber optic cables were cut during construction, people lost connection to phone lines and the Internet.

Internet OutageWhat is your plan if you lose Internet connection? Is it a good day to lose connection? Of course not! It is never a good day to go out of business so it is important to put your data on a network that you can trust. Around 9 a.m. in the Seattle area, a construction crew cut through a major fiber-optic trunk that served Comcast customers.

The outage reached customers in Madison Park, parts of Capitol Hill, and parts of downtown Seattle. Those who were affected by the outage had no access to the Internet and phone lines from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. This left businesses out of commission during most business hours and now they have a day of losses to recover from. There are a lot of costs involved with downtime, so these risks need to be addressed. Continue reading “What If Your Internet Went Out for 11 Hours?” »