Monday MinIT: Remote Monitoring and Management

Strengthen IT With Remote Monitoring and Management

Our latest Monday MinIT video shows how remote monitoring and management can give your business the competitive advantage. You get a team of IT professionals that can monitor your systems and maintain them to work the way you need them. See our video to learn more!

Remote Monitoring and ManagementCan your business handle all of the threats to IT on a daily basis? It’s going to need to if you want to continue to be successful. Remote monitoring and management is a managed service that gives your IT the professional staff it needs.

Downtime is costly for your business. You lose productivity and instead of creating goods are providing services, you are forced to take a step back and recover. Network downtime is a huge issue for businesses who focus on doing a lot of work on computers and through the Internet. When your network is down, you lose access to important emails and software you use to do your work. Continue reading “Monday MinIT: Remote Monitoring and Management” »

Cloud CRM Solutions On Dedicated Servers

Using Cloud CRM For Your Business

The customer plays an important role with all businesses. Whether products or services are aimed at everyday people or to other businesses, it is important to maintain quality in the relationships with customers. Cloud CRM solutions allow you to build long lasting relationships and drive sales. Here are the ways a dedicated cloud environment gives more powerful cloud CRM solutions.

Cloud CRMYour business needs a cloud CRM solution that can fit your business like a glove. Your cloud environment needs to be an extension of your business and give you the tools you need to work effectively. Utilizing a cloud solution is a great opportunity, but your cloud CRM should be on a dedicated server to get the most out of it. A dedicated cloud environment gives you the right tools for your business.

On a public cloud environment, you get limited features with the software hosted. You are typically stuck with basic software that doesn’t allow you to perform to your full potential. Dedicated cloud CRM software is a full-featured solution for your business. This means you can decide which software you would like to use on the cloud. You can pick specific CRM software and host that on your private environment. Continue reading “Cloud CRM Solutions On Dedicated Servers” »

3 Ways ERP Cloud Solutions Improve Productivity

The Benefits of ERP Cloud Solutions In Your Business

Enterprise Resource Planning is an important process for many industries especially who have to keep constant watch over inventory. ERP is a broad set of activities that allows businesses to manage important aspects of purchasing, inventory management, finance, and capital management. See how ERP cloud solutions are giving your business more power.

ERP Cloud SolutionsCloud hosting gives your business a lot of opportunities to grow productivity and give you better access to your data. On a dedicated cloud environment, you can build a solution that is a perfect fit for your business. This means you can add the specific software you use within your company and give specific users access to the information they need. This makes your ERP cloud solutions incredibly customizable and will accurately reflect your needs.

Technology solutions should be aimed at improving your process. When you use the cloud, you get easy tools to do so. Having complete control over your software is a great reason to get ERP cloud solutions. Here are 3 major ways you benefit from utilizing the ERP cloud solutions. Continue reading “3 Ways ERP Cloud Solutions Improve Productivity” »

XMediusFAX IP Fax Solution for your Business

Send Better Fax with XMediusFAX

Your business has to communicate in many ways. Via phone, email, meetings, and fax. Fax has always been more of a hassle than a convenience. With XMediusFAX you gain the ability to send fax with more ease and security than ever before. Here is what you need to know about fax over IP.


Your solutions should be a convenience not a hassle. This means you need to have solutions designed to improve your workflow and make your staff more efficient. XMediusFAX is designed to make sending and receiving fax a lot easier than it has been in the past. You have more options available to you so you can always pick the most convenient method to communicate with clients, businesses, and any other entity.

What is XMediusFAX?
It’s the fastest and most reliable, software-based IP Fax solution to send and receive confidential faxes securely via email. Sending a fax was always a slow process that required you to go to a machine and wait as you fed papers to send. XMediusFAX gives you more options for sending and receiving faxes so you can use the option that is most convenient to you. Continue reading “XMediusFAX IP Fax Solution for your Business” »

Santrio Automates Customer Support and Sales Processing

Better Customer Support and Sales Order Processing with Santrio

Customers are a huge part of business. Products and services are aimed and designed with the customer in mind. The software you use should represent the need to maintain quality relationships with customers so they continue to trust your business. Santrio Open For Business is the perfect tool for your sales representatives and your cloud environment.


Santrio Open for Business is a great way for Wholesalers, Manufacturers and Distributers to automate their processes. E-Commerce platforms also gain a lot of power when you utilize Santrio. You can bridge the gap between customers and sales reps. Meanwhile, if you host on the cloud, you get better integration with your software solutions along with added benefits.

Better Communication:
Your sales reps will have the tools they need to communicate with customers when using Santrio. All customer data is available to you so your sales reps have the right information with any given client. They also have the current pricing and product data so your customers are given the most accurate information at any given time. This allows your sales reps to work with the right information when interacting with customers. Here are some more benefits you get from Santrio: Continue reading “Santrio Automates Customer Support and Sales Processing” »

Support Hours During Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Date: 5/25/15

Support Hours: 24/7/365

Trapp Technology is continuing to provide support service during this holiday. This means you can reach support via phone (602-443-9145 ext. 3) or on the Help Desk website.

Our Help Desk is designed to give you complete control over your cloud. Select “Submit a Ticket” and fill out the necessary information to create your ticket. You can also give detailed information about the issue you are having with your cloud. For any immediate concerns, be sure to call in and get your issue addressed immediately.

Thank you! We continue to provide the very best cloud, Internet, and Managed services. We are happy to provide any technological solutions your business may need.

5 Benefits of Hosting Property Management Accounting Software

Why host Property Management Accounting Software on the Cloud

Property management is a mobile job. You often have to travel to each location to do the work needed at each property. At each place you access the property management accounting software so you can enter important financial information. With the cloud you get benefits to simplify this process and give you better security and connection to your data.

Property Management Accounting SoftwareYour property management accounting software should not be limiting your ability to do work. It is always a hassle to travel to a different site to perform a single task. When you are in property management, there can be many different locations requiring your attention. If each location has separate information you have to go to that location to access it.

Working on the cloud gives you many different benefits. Cloud hosting your property management accounting software will give you more convenient access to your data on a secure environment. Here are 5 benefits you get from dedicated cloud hosting: Continue reading “5 Benefits of Hosting Property Management Accounting Software” »

Construction Management Accounting Software Cloud Solutions

The Cloud and Construction Management Accounting Software

The construction industry can utilize software on the cloud that can streamline some processes and save them time. Construction management accounting software is a great way to give you more mobility and integrate your entire process in one place. You can add the applications you need to perform all your tasks.

construction management accounting softwareCloud hosting can easily strengthen all software. The cloud gives you more options with the IT you have at your disposal. It is quick to utilize and the solutions are available to any sized business. Hosting construction management accounting software is a surefire way to boost your IT department while lowering the cost and the effort involved in creating your solutions.

When cloud hosting, your business needs the solution that will give you the tools you need to succeed. Picking a cloud host that will give you a dedicated cloud server allows you to host exactly what your business needs. If you use certain construction management accounting software, you can rest assured that it is a viable solution on a dedicated environment. Continue reading “Construction Management Accounting Software Cloud Solutions” »

5 Signs You Need SAP Business One

How to Migrate From QuickBooks to SAP Business One

Intuit’s QuickBooks software is one of the top application choices for small businesses who require a basic, yet effective accounting solution. But when our cloud hosting customers outgrow QuickBooks, we recommend SAP Business One, hosted on the Trapp Technology cloud!

SAP Business One1. How do I know if I’ve outgrown QuickBooks?
Here are common issues our customers experience when they start to outgrow QuickBooks:

  • NO VISIBILITY in other areas outside of accounting.
  • INEFFICIENCY due to micromanaging multiple data sources.
  • INCREASED RISK of errors and omissions caused by double entry.
  • NON-COMPLIANCE without proper safeguards and monitoring in place.
  • LACK OF INTEGRATION between process, teams, and departments. Continue reading “5 Signs You Need SAP Business One” »

5 Things to Know About Email Archiving

Using Email Archiving For Your Business

Email is a huge part of the work place. Many times, sensitive information must be sent via email. Your company needs to have a powerful tool to keep track of information and a clear policy set in place for sharing information via email. Email Archiving is a solution that will automate this process and give you safer email.

Email ArchivingEmail archiving can be utilized by businesses to upgrade their safety and automate the process. Your email needs to be protected and backed up. Email archiving will keep your information protected and on hand when you need to do an audit. This will also keep your email up to your compliance standards. Here are 5 things to know about Email Archiving.

What is Email Archiving?
It is a secure, centralized email repository solution designed to create permanent and auditable copies of inbound and outbound emails on your domain, while protecting your intellectual property from improper use. This solution gives you a place where your emails are stored and protected so you do not have to worry about lost information and can always access old information. Continue reading “5 Things to Know About Email Archiving” »